Center for Asian African studies (CAAS) a project of MANTAQ, is working with the foreign office in formulating action plans and policies for connecting with Africa. CAAS is building strategic community on Africa with the collaboration of Institute of Policy Studies(IPS). IPS has an ‘Indigenous Policy Research in Pakistan Initiative' under its ‘Learning Excellence and Development Program (IPS LEAD)'. The initiative features regular seminars titled ‘Brainstorming Research Ideas' for research students and their supervisors in various disciplines. The idea is to motivate as well as provide opportunity to the participants to benefit from the immense experience and insight of policy practitioners, experts, veterans, and intellectuals to identify innovative ideas, in an indigenous framework, for research degrees keeping in view the challenges and needs Pakistan is faced with. CAAS provides its expertise on the African continent for the brain storming sessions. CAAS encourages students to take up research topics in Arica. The vision is to create a two-way stream of communication between Pakistan and African nations, including governmental, economic, and academic connections.